Requirements for the UCTE/LA Bill and Carol Strong Teacher of the Year Award

Before submitting a nomination, please check the requirements for the award:

  • The nominee must be or become a member of UCTE.
  • The nomination form must be filled out in entirety and submitted by October 2, 2017.
  • If the nominee is selected as a finalist, he/she will be contacted through email and asked to submit a portfolio of additional information.
  • This portfolio for the nominee should include letters of recommendation from colleagues, administrators, students and/or parents, as well as an account which demonstrates that the candidate meets the criteria for the Utah English Teacher of the Year Award.

Three teachers will be awarded each year with the TOYA, based on their years of experience as a teacher: New Teacher (0-5 years), Mid-Career Teacher (6-15 years), and Veteran Teacher (16+ years). Winners will be recognized at the UCTE/LA Fall Conference.

Award Criteria

Candidates will be judged based upon the following criteria:

  • Teaching
  • Service
  • Professional Activities

Nominators and candidates are encouraged to consider addressing any or all of the activities listed below, in order to demonstrate the candidate’s unique qualifications for the award.


  • Curriculum Development
  • Teaching Innovations
  • Relationships with Students, Parents, Colleagues, Administrators, etc.
  • Engagements with Students in Educational Activities (Outside of Classroom)
  • Teaching Honors, Awards, or Recognition
  • Other Demonstrations of Quality Teaching

Service (Outside of Classroom)

  • Community Service
  • Service to the School
  • Service within School District
  • Service to Professional Organizations
  • Service Honors, Awards, or Recognition
  • Other Areas of Service

Professional Activities Research

  • Publication
  • Membership/Participation in Professional Organizations
  • Professional Development and/or Continued Education
  • Awards and/or Certifications
  • Other Contributions to the Profession

Use the form below to submit a nomination for this award. If you have any questions, please contact our Awards chair.