Quest is a statewide competition for secondary level students, grades 8-12. Participants receive awards for outstanding performances in various categories related to language arts and receive medals and awards for outstanding performances.


Please note these important details about the upcoming Quest competition:

  • This next QUEST competition will be held at Weber State University in Ogden on February 23, 2017. Registration opens up September 2016 and ends about a month before QUEST is held.
  • Schools are required to bring adults judges (1 for every 10 students) to help facilitate the competition. Schools are encouraged to bring more volunteer judges than the required ratio, if possible.
  • There is a cap on how many students may attend. Public schools may only register up to 50 students and private/charter schools may only register up to 40 students. Junior highs may bring up to five (5) 8th grade students. The 8th graders may participate in ONE event and observe the two other events.
  • Students can compete in one of nineteen competition categories; view the list and descriptions of these categories in the article below.
  • The 2017 reading list is posted in the article below.

Registration is required for both the school and individual students.

Register Soon!


To receive further information, including a list of previous winners, sample writing, and sample tests, contact our Quest chair at

For more information about Quest, please check out the articles below